I am a big fan of design products. I do enjoy a beautiful vase, mug or other good designed article for everyday use. (see my post about the Storm umbrella).

Until now I was not interested in buying Delft Blue porcelain, for me it often looks too old fashioned. But since the beginning of this year royal Delft introduced a new Dutch Design label called Blue D1653. It consists of a collection of porcelain designed by designers who worked closely with Delft Blue master painters of Royal Delft. The designers are Arian Brekveld, Chris Koens en Damian O’Sullivan. I think the combination of the two crafts works very well. The modern Delftware looks stylish and very attractive. I especially like the combination of earthenware and fabric. It is beautifully crafted.


1653 is the year in which the Porcelyne fles (now Royal Delft) was founded. The D means, Design, Delft (blue) or Dutch. Now I have no excuse any longer no to buy real Delftware.

I saw the items at different places in Delft, but they also have an online shop. Nice idea for a X-mas gift or just to take home for yourself 🙂