I just returned from a relaxing holiday at the countryside in France. Our summer holidays consist of reading (I always take at least one novel of my favorite writer: Haruki Murakami with me), swimming, eating and enjoying the good weather.

One thing which can be challenging in France is buying good bread which is still fresh the next day (at least in the morning). Last year we met Belgian people who moved to France and they gave up the search, they started to bake their own bread. I can imagine this when you live there, especially in summer when most bakery’s in rural areas close in July or August.

This year we managed well with our search for bread. We found nice small boulangers/pâtissiers and we did not only buy bread. I love the French croissants and pains au chocolat and I ate too much of it.

But you do not have to travel to France to buy them. Boulanger Michel in Delft offers a variety of very good French pastries and bread. I do not know why this little French bakery had landed in Delft. I should ask it next time. But it is very nice and it brings back the careless feeling of a holiday at the countryside in France…

Btw, they do not mind to take your order in French!


Michel / Oude Kerkstraat 3 / +31(0)6 24 34 94 15