“I feel like giant here” my son said to me while we visited Madurodam. He is obsessed with giants and now he became one himself.

We visited Madurodam because I won tickets at a lottery. Yeah, good reason to go, I know 😉 but my son and daughter already knew the place from tv adds. I must say I was curious, normally I pass this place when I drive to my sons’ hospital in The Hague.

My husband took an afternoon off and we had family fun during our visit. I was surprised about the amount of different buildings. It is picturesque because of the size of the buildings, cars, planes etc. but also because of the choice of buildings. Many nice old Dutch buildings are represented in Madurodam.

But there is also a miniature of the airport Schiphol, my son loved to see the KLM planes and little trains ride in the park.

For children there is a little playground and there are small educational play areas in between the buildings. There is a shop and a large restaurant and a few others places to snack.

We liked the park, it’s a friendly place. You can get a glimpse of the Netherlands in about 2 hours. That is convenient. It’s not the real thing but you get a taste of it.

My children, in the age of 5 and 7 liked the playground and the miniature houses. For younger children it think it will not be very interesting. But for children older than 7, I think it will be more interesting.

Madurodam donates the benefits of the park to good causes for Dutch children. That’s nice.


Madurodam / Georg Maduroplein 1/ The Hague

park your car next to the park, it costs 7,50 Euro