At LU-ST (Lunch and Style) you can shop for nice designer items and have something to eat and drink. It is a very nice and quiet new place in town. But the owners are not newbies in owning a shop as the have had a few pop up stores before in Delft and now they have their own place.

It is situated near the Old Church of Delft in a very nice and friendly neighborhood with a lot of specialty shops. It is next to chocolate shop de Lelie, near Klieder and not far from Galerie XS for example.

It opens early so you can have breakfast if you want. They also serve lunch and the nice thing about it is that in this neighborhood several entrepreneurs work together. At LU-ST they serve the meat from the nearby butcher, cheese from the dairy shop at the Kerststraat and bread from a local bakery.

The shop items are unique, you cannot buy them in another store in Delft. The shop is large, go and have a look. BTW you can buy the fun and interesting Pocket guide of Delft here too 😉

 LU-ST / Voorstraat 8