Do you know a painting called “The love letter” made by Vermeer ?

I must admit, I did not know it until I discovered the painted viaduct called ‘Liefdesbrief’ (love letter in Dutch) at the exit form the highway A13 to Delft, a few years ago. I got curious so I started to investigate this.

Johannes Vermeer painted the love letter ± 1667-1670. The black and white walls of the viaduct refer to the tiles on the ground from the painting.

Vermeer uses a deep red color very often in his paintings. The pillars have the same red color. The animals in front of the viaduct refer to the images used on the Delft Blue tiles made in the early days.

Berkman and Janssens are the artists. The municipality wants to create a new town-gate with it. It dates from 2007 and still looks freshly painted.

You can’t miss it on your way to Ikea!

De liefdesbrief / The love letter / Oostpoortweg viaduct

liefdesbrief vermeer