When you are busy decorating a home like I did last weeks, you need inspiration from time to time. The shop which inspires me best is Loco Lama at the Molslaan. The name sounds a bit weird. But I can assure you, this shop is great.

First of all, it is large, second it has a great styling and third it is very colorful. They sell interior products like, little tables, cushions, carpets, jewelry. But also nice affordable art prints (a few of them are in my home) from local artists and they sell all kinds of gifts.

There is also a small section with kid’s things.

The shop looks a bit like a jungle, there is a lot to see and experience, but if you take your time you will discover little treasures which you will love to take with you.

On Thursday there is an interior stylist in the shop who will give you advice. So, if you have a specific question, take pictures with you and she can help you out.

Staff is young and friendly, feel the vibe and visit the shop!

Loco Lama

Molslaan 35