I hardly ever sew. But sometimes I have to.

Two weeks ago I had to sew the green patches on my sons white judo belt. He was very proud on his achievement. So I had to do it right away. After the first one (you get two of them) my old sewing machine blocked. I kept trying but that was in vain. I had to admit that the machine was broke and that I had to have it fixed or buy a new one.

As sewing is not my hobby, although I did make the curtains of my children’s bedrooms myself (with great Ikea fabric), I bought a little plastic machine for less than 40 Euro’s. I had to bring it back, it was a disaster.

So I went to Lewenstein in Delft, who already fixed my old machine a few years ago. Almost one hour later with a lot of knowledge about sewing, I walked outside with a second hand Husqvarna sewing machine which I had to take home on my bike! I managed to do so and it works great, in less than 5 minutes, my son got his white belt with green patches on it.

Conclusion: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! And if you have to sew, visit Lewenstein Delft.


Lewenstein / Choorstraat 53 / +31(0)15-88 777 22