Today I had to go to Klieder to fetch an order from the webshop Kleine Sam also from Delft. My instinct told me that today I would be lucky, so I did not go to Klieder directly but I rode through Vrouwjuttenland street to see if ‘Les gâteaux’ would be open today. I have been there a few times before but at that time the shop was closed. You don’t feel happy when you see the lovely pies (gâteaux) in the shop window, screaming: try me! That’s why I will write down the opening hours underneath the post…(so I will remember them myself).

The lady from the shop bakes the pies herself. There is a variety of vegetarian pies and pies with fish or meat. All the pies look very tasty. I decided to take the goat cheese, walnut and honey pie. I was in doubt because she also had a spectacular Thai pie. As it was my first time I wanted to try a traditional one. You can serve the pie cold, but you can also heat it in the oven like me.

The goat cheese on top melted and the flavors inside mixed very well, it was de-li-ci-ous! For only 8,95 Euros you get a pie made with love, from a lovely shop where you can also buy other French food. I found another place to come back to.


Les gâteaux / Vrouwjuttenland 10A / +31(0)152122299

Opening hours  :-) Wednesday- Friday: 11.00h – 18.00h / Saturday: 10.00h – 17.00h