The Michelin guide 2017 mentions three restaurants from Delft. One of them is Les Copains at the Breestraat. A very nice street at the edge of the city center. They serve mainly fish. Lobster is their specialty dish. There are 3 preparations on the menu. And they are super fresh because they come from their lobster tank. But for me having fish is quite a challenge so I decided to have the 5 course surprise menu. And it was a surprise, I loved it from the beginning ‘till the end. We got high quality food with fish in different preparations. We both enjoyed it a lot. Also the accompanying wines were very good. The restaurant has 35 seats and feels like a cosy living room. The atmosphere is easy going so I felt comfortable from the beginning. We promised to go back for the lobster one time. In my opinion when I eat fish, I should choose the restaurant who serves it at its best. And that is here!

Breestraat 8