In my home, there is Lego all over the place. And it is my own fault. I discovered the cheapest Lego shop of the Netherlands (that is what they told me) called: A-Tembo in Delft. There is another A-Tembo in Breda, but I am lucky to have this one so close. Well, it is not me who is happy, my children are.

The shop is small, if they do not have the product in the shop you can order it online and fetch it in the store. There is not a lot of service, apart from the garbage bag the guy wanted to pack in the Lego castle, so my daughter would not see it, but it is cheap and they have everything, I think. Also small parts and things like Lego key chain holders and other gadgets.

I can’t tell you something about the strange name of the shop, but if you know where it comes from, tell me!


A-Tembo / Vrouwjuttenland 7 / +31(0)15-2136015