A week ago I had dinner in Delft and this time it was my husband’s turn to pick a nice place for a dinner for two. He decided to eat at Le Vieux Jean.

I hesitated when he told me, because, I would not have chosen it myself. When I pass this restaurant, I think that it looks too small (so you have to whisper the whole evening) and it looks a bit out dated (can I use my smartphone there while having dinner?) A very important question of course…

On the day itself I tried to change the restaurant again, but that was not very respectful towards my husband, so we went there…

I was glad we did, the restaurant serves good looking high quality food and even better wines. I had a great Bourgogne, pinot noir from old vines. Delicious!

And, yes you can use your phone to text in the restaurant, and yes, you can speak out loud, it was even a bit noisy inside. The atmosphere was much more informal than I thought it would be. I had a very nice evening in I think one of the best restaurants of Delft.

Le Vieux Jean is mentioned in the Bibe Gourmand. This means that the Michelin organization (from the star ratings) thinks that this restaurant serves high quality food for a reasonable price. Good value for money. Although I thought it was a bit expensive.

I did worry about that, because it was my husband who took me there 😉

Le Vieux Jean / Heilige geestkerkhof 3 / +31(0)15 213 04 33