I thought I had made a reservation at an Italian restaurant. The name La Tasca let me think so. But it seemed to be Mediterranean. Even better…is my conclusion now.

At the inside you still could be sitting in an Italian restaurant…but the food, the most important thing, tells something different. It tells you that the cook knows what he is doing, the flavors are pure, simple but still very tasty. I’d love to tell you everything about every course, but you will be bored after one course because everything was delicious. Find it out yourself is my advice.

The restaurant works with the concept of a ‘surprise’ menu. Of course you can tell them the things you do not eat. The idea is that than you’ll eat something which would normally not be your first choice but will be after tasting it here :-)

I would have never chosen the quail, or the dessert with lemon, but it was the best thing I could have been eating there.

La Tasca is a Mediterranean restaurant without any fuss. I like that. Hope you too.


La Tasca / Voldersgracht 13B / +31(0)15 213 8535