After two years or so, maybe longer, the artillery depot at the Paardenmarkt got a new destination. Now the place is called Buccaneer Delft and it houses off shore related (startup) companies. For someone like me at first it does not seem a very interesting place to go to. But the building has had a very nice make over. So if you like to see some beautiful cultural heritage it is a nice place walk to from the city center. But there is more. In het warehouse there is a large restaurant new called Kruydt. In Dutch ‘ Kruit’ means gun powder.

Kruydt is restaurant for fine dining. It has a long bar and there are some nice tables where you can sit with a small group and it has nice places for a dinner for two. When I was there, the weather was great, so we started at the inner terrace looking at the nicely restored depot. I had a very good Gin Tonic and we got in the mood for good food.

The restaurant was only open for a few weeks, so not everything went smoothly, but despite that, dinner was great. We had high quality food and interesting dishes but not too complicated. The cannelloni made of olive cake was delicious. Also the starter with tuna and watermelon was a good combination.
The food was great, the ambiance is still something to work on, but Kruydt is another nice place for a high quality dinner in a quiet and special environment.

Restaurant Kruydt
Paardenmarkt 1