There are many special hotels in Delft. I would like to try some. But the hotel I want to write about now is not for humans. It’s for cuddly toys! It is in the city center of Delft and it has a nice view on the churches and rooftops.

My sons little bear spent the night in it last week. He had a great time. He was there alone and he came home with a pair of new legs. That’s where the slumber party was all about. Krabbel, the name of this bear, needed new legs. After 8 years of intense cuddling with my son, the legs almost came off.

I read about the knuffelhotel so I decided that this would be the solution for Krabbels leg problems. The hotel is more like a hospital. You can make a reservation  in advance and then you get a hospitalization date. There is a waiting list for this hospital so my son had to wait for two weeks.

You can send the toy to the hospital by mail but I brought it there myself. The owner of the hotel is a very nice lady who takes real good care of the toys. Krabbel immediately got his own bed and nurse (a mouse).

And when we picked him up, we could take him home in his own little sleeping bag.

There is also a one-day service for cuddly toys. Some children cannot sleep without them. Ask for this service at the hotel. My son is very happy with Krabbels new legs. And I love the idea that there is someone to rescue when cuddly toys fall apart 😉

You should check out the website of the Knuffelhotel. It is fun (in Dutch)


Westvest 23