From this year on we celebrate the King’s birthday at 27 April. If it is possible for you, visit Holland on that day. You will meet the Dutch at their best *smile*

They will be dressed in orange clothes, faces decorated with the red, white and blue of the flag. Many Dutchmen are on the streets having fun. In every town there will be a flea market, a chance for the Dutch to get rid of their unused belongings. In every Dutchman houses a salesman or women!

I like it, like I also love to visit all ‘vide greniers’ (empty attics) in France during my summer holidays. In France they do not need the birthday of someone royal to sell all their old stuff.

King’s day in Delft is worth to visit. It is crowded if you get there after 12 in the afternoon, but not so crowded as in Amsterdam for example. Early birds have a first choice. But you can think about going late to the flea market, you won’t have the first pick but prices go down as no one wants to go home with stuff which was intended to be sold.

Local authorities organize music festivals at different places in town. The tourist information office can tell you what is going on and where.

In specific streets children will sell their toys/books etc. My children are still too young to sell, they are still buyers, but maybe in a few years I will spread their blanket too and help them with their little shop on the street!

King’s day / 27 April / all around the town/ (wear something orange 🙂 )