A legal place to have your children climbing instead of in the Doelentuin :-) is Kids Playground. It is an indoor playground, situated near the highway A13 and near the Amazing Oriental supermarket. (I would combine those two spots!) There is a busstop less than 10 minutes walking from the Kids Playground, bus 60, twice per hour, (busstop The Hague, Defensie)

I am in doubt if I like the place or not. At least it is a very convenient place to go if there are too many rainy days or if you lack of inspiration of what to do with your children or if you have visited too many places which did not interest your children at all! Now you can give them the time of their lives and they will stop complaining for a few days.

Put on your own Zen-mode before you enter. The place is at the 3rd floor of a building with offices and a gym. It is very colorful, every chair inside has a different color just like the balls,nets, slides and other play stuff.

It is suitable for little babies (they have their own part to play) and for children up to…..well until they do not like climbing any longer.

Parents can sit at a table, watching their kids play. Wifi works excellent!

It is also a popular place for birthday parties.


Kids Playground / Kleveringweg 35 / +31(0)15 2190673