It all started two months ago when my son surprised me with a water color painting of flower fields. At first I did not recognize the painting as such, but indeed, he used different strokes with colors and a vanishing point in the middle. They spoke about it in school. I never realized to teach my kids this kind of Dutch cultural heritage. For tourists the bulb or flower fields are very attractive. After a visit to these fields and the ‘Keukenhof’ I think I know why.


Flower fields

If you want to see the bulbs flowering you can use the (flower radar). It shows the places where you can find the best flower fields for that moment. The website is not very user-friendly, but as we did not know where to go ourselves the map helped us to find some nice flowering bulb fields a few weeks ago. But then it was still a little bit too early.



The ultimate way to see bulbs flowering is to visit the Keukenhof. The image of this place in my head is dull, for elderly people and boring. But as I always want to check if the image is right, I decided that today, at Kingsday, this would be a terrific day to do something typical Dutch.

The Keukenhof is about 40 minutes from Delft center by car. It is easy to reach and it has an enormous parking place for busses and another enormous one for private cars with four electrical car charge outlets.

They call it a spring garden, as it is only open from 20 March until 17 May.

What did I do there?

As I visited the park with my husband and kids, we had a goal to reach: the playground and petting zoo in the back of the park. 🙂 There is something like a treasure hunt for the kids, but we did not do it. We just walked in the park (the only thing which is allowed) and of course we made a detour (my kids did not notice this) to get to the playground. On our way we saw all kinds of beautiful flowers, mainly tulips. With today’s sunlight the flowers looked fantastic. The park turns in a photographers heaven. We enjoyed it a lot.

On our way we passed a little Miffy shop, a wind mill which you can enter, some little cafés or restaurants and a Japanese garden. And it is possible to make a boat trip around the park. A tickets costs 8 euros and it lasts 45 minutes. From the back of the Keukenhof park you have a nice view on the adjacent bulb fields.

Unfortunately today the wifi of the park did not work. Too many people wanted to use it I think and for my son there were no gluten free food options except from a snickers or a yellow bag of M&M’s. They should work on that I think.

For us, the Keukenhof, was a big surprise. Although it is not hip and trendy at all, I must change the image I have in my mind of the park. It is pleasant to be, beautiful, a paradise for photographers and a great typical Dutch daytrip from Delft with the kids.


Keukenhof / Stationsweg 166A / Lisse