Finally, today I visited Kek Delft.

I heard much about it, different people suggested me to go there. When I passed by I always thought, that looks nice, but it was either too crowded or I had something else to do. But today, I had no plans so when my daughter and I got thirsty we visited Kek. I think Kek is a strange name. If you wanted to be trendy in the eighties and if you saw something stylish you called it Kek 😉

I took a cappuccino, of course, and a fresh juice made of carrot, orange and ginger. It was served in something like a jar(?) but it actually looked Kek and tasted delicious. No doubt about that!

The whole place looks good, they sell al kinds of stuff, mostly things women like. It is bigger than I thought it would be. The store 7 days more living used to be located here. It is deep and there are many places to sit and eat/chat/chill. The friendly girl behind the bar told me that they get more customers during winter time. I can imagine that because the terrace is very small, but still, also in summer it is a nice place to be.

I am curious about the food, I forgot to ask for the menu. Good reason to go back there.

Kek Delft / Voldersgracht 27 / +31(0) 15 750 3253