Yeah, we finally made it, we lunched at Kek this weekend.

Untill now I only had a cappuccino there with my daughter. And after that we tried to have lunch on Saturday but it was always too crowded. Kek is really a popular place. Yesterday we were lucky that another couple left when we entered.

I understand why everyone wants to be there. First the place itself has a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Although it was completely full, the waitresses were friendly and patient. There are many ways to sit, at a small table, a large one (mainly used by people working on their computer), there are high tables, nice low seats etc. Second, I do not know a similar place in Delft with this good vibe.

Third, the food is good. We had a BLT and Hella’s sandwich, both were delicious. They serve the special juices only during summer time at their fresh juice stand, but still I could have my fresh orange juice in this Kek jar I wrote about before.

Unfortunately the cheesecake did not match with the one I adore from Deliesious, it was a little bit too wet… Despite that. Go there, have something to eat and drink. I am sure you will enjoy it!


PS keep always a plan B in mind if you want to visit Kek on a Saturday afternoon…check my post about food / drink in Delft for more eating possibilities…


Kek Delft / Voldersgracht 27 / +31(0) 15 750 3253