My husband and I disagree about the best hairdresser in Delft. I think Steilloos is obviously the best. He thinks Kam Kam is. The funny thing about it, is that the hairdressers are at the opposite of each other. Both are at Vrouw Juttenland. As I do not want to try another hairdresser for one time, I asked my husband to write a guest blog post about it. He was so kind to do so, enjoy it and decide yourself which one to choose for a nice haircut.

Ok, thanks Alice for this intro ;-) What can I say about a hairdresser? That the service is excellent, a lot of personal attention and there is a great atmosphere. Ted, the owner, likes vintage design and furniture that you can actually buy from the shop window next to the salon. He also has a great taste in music, there is always a tune from the past playing that you think you know, but you actually don’t. The place is authentic, has quality and the team makes sure you leave with a smile….and a good cut.


Kam Kam / Vrouw Juttenland 31 / +31(0)15 2123380