When we decided to sell our house a few years ago, we invited 3 real-estate agents to estimate the value of our house. One of them, looked at our modern designed garden and said to us with an unhappy face: ow, a Japanese garden… (like in: not suitable for families)

Ever since then Japanese gardens fascinate me.

We’ve seen many of them in Japan recently. Especially in Kyoto, there are more of them than I could dream of. I love the calm atmosphere, the different shades of green in the mosses on the ground and the Zen gardens with carefully raked gravel. (Zen gardens are actually a dry landscape gardens)

In the Japanese garden of the Clingendael park in The Hague is no Zen garden, but there’s a beautiful garden with rare trees and plants. It has the same calm atmosphere as the gardens we visited in Japan. There are also a few Japanese ornaments in it. You can read more about it if you followthis link.

I must say that this garden had much more colors than in Japan but maybe it depends on the season. I am not an expert, I simply enjoy it 😉


The garden is not far from Delft, 20 minutes by car. You can park for free (on Sunday) in the neighboring area of the Wassenaarseweg. And if you take the entrance at the Wassenaarseweg, take the first path to the right, you’ll pass a lot of stunning rhodondendrons in differtent colors if they blossom. They do now (May)

The Japanese garden is vulnerable. Children are allowed, mine liked it! But buggy’s and strollers are not allowed. Just like dogs.

It can be visited only during a short period of the year.

Spring, from now on to 7 June 2015

Autumn, 10 October to 25 October 2015.

So plan your visit now, it is really worth it.

We will be back in autumn!


Japanese Garden

Estate Clingendael, main entrance at Wassenaarseweg, The Hague, entrance is free

Ps If you are heading for Kyoto, don’t miss:

Ryoan-ji-temple and

Tofuku-ji temple with their beautiful gardens!