I have these creative neighbors in my neighborhood. I already wrote about Liesbeth and her deliesious cakes. Now it is time to write about Isabel. She is a very talented aquarel painter / water colour painter. Her aquarels are detailed and realistic. She mainly paints fruit, flowers, vegetables and plants.

Isabel must be a perfectionist if you look at her work. Water-colour painting is considered to be the most exacting of artistic techniques. Once made, any correction in, or painting over, is impossible.

I went to the opening of her exhibition in the library of The Hague Ypenburg. She shows many works there. Her last painting is one of the East Gate in Delft. She used to live in Delft for a long time but now she lives in the outskirts of Delft just like me.

She also gives workshops and a few years ago I did a course at her place. I can tell you, this technique is difficult. Since 10 years she also makes objects / sculptures. At the opening I also heard that she paints portraits. If you cannot make it to the exhibition, you can also take a look at Isabel’s website for her work.

It is beautiful!

Isabel van Selms / Zomereik 29 / Den Haag +31(0)152571742