I should not forget to mention the famous painting of Johannes Vermeer, the girl with a pearl earring separately on this blog. When I thought about doing this, I also thought why bother, because there is already so much to read about on the internet and I am not an art historian…

So I will write about her, but I am not going to tell you about the painting itself like: who’s on it, when Vermeer painted it and so on. I am more interested in some of the “inspired by” representations of this painting. I’ll tell you about the ones I know and like.

Gallery de Kunstkop

When I was at gallery De Kunstkop in Delft a few months ago, I saw all kinds of Girls with and without a pearl earring. The owner of the gallery, Rene Jacobs, paints live at his gallery so you can look over his shoulder when he is working. But the girls he sells in his gallery are not paintings, they are prints. If you look closely they are funny, they have braces, a gasmask, an eye patch…. You should see this and meet René himself.

Hendrik Kerstens and Marlene Dumas

There are two more girls with a pearl earring which I think are beautiful. One is a photograph made by Hendrik Kerstens, a Dutchman who portrays his daughter in a series of photos like she is part of a 17th century painting. With a towel on her head she represents the Vermeer girl.

I think, but I am not sure that Marlene Dumas the famous Dutch/South African painter also was inspired by the girl. I recognize her in a work which consist of 100 women’s portraits (Models) which I saw in Amsterdam not so long ago.


My favorite “inspired by” representation of the girl does not exist anymore. It was live for only one day, in Bristol, where Banksy made his version: The girl with the pierced eardrum. A burglar alarm replaced the jewelry. It was vandalized a few hours after. It should have been in Delft…


As you can read, the Vermeer girl, is an inspiration for other artists. If you want to see the ‘real’ one you should visit the Mauritshuis in the Hague. I wrote about the museum already. You can get very close and also take pictures of it.

Gallery de Kunstkop / Nieuwe Langendijk 10 / +31(0)6 464 788 74