What about this yellow and blue landmark at the higway A13 at the exit to Delft? Although everyone might know this store I want to mention it on this blog.

I think Ikea is fun and I am lucky to have it near my home. It does not matter in which season you enter the place, it always feels like spring inside. I love the designs of their fabrics, they surprise me with their ingenious designs of their furniture, children’s stuff are nice. So why do people often look down upon products from Ikea?

Ikea Delft is a concept center, the assortment is large and they have a Swedish food market. I discovered Kaka Chokladtryffel in the freezer, a huge chocolate bonbon with cinnamon powder on top. I also love their paper products on the ground floor, hidden behind a stairs.

There is a smålland for children where they can play while the parents are shopping and if you don’t want to put them in that place, the children’s part is also a nice place to stay with your kids because all the toys they sell can be tested by the kids themselves.

Once I forgot a diaper for my daughter, no problem at Ikea, at the children’s toilet there are diapers provided. That is a good service for mummy and daddy!

Ikea is situated near the petting zoo of Delft. (Nice combination). You can get to Ikea by car, bike and bus, the busstop is in front of Ikea, line 80/81.

Gluten free

Ikea in Delft has a restaurant and a foodshop. In their shop they sell gluten free cakes (freezer), mayonnaise,ketchup,sausages, drinks, vegetarian balls, which are gluten free. They use a gluten free sign at their products.

Near the exit they sell ice creams which are gluten free. They use separately packed cornets.

At the restaurant on the first floor my son had gluten free fries with salmon. The pre packed mayonnaise and ketchup is also gluten free.

You can also bring your own meal and heat it in the microwave. For desert you can take a gluten free cake (same as they sell in their shop).


Ikea Delft / Olaf Palmestraat 1