Yes, when you enter this place, you smell books, wood and a passion for reading. This is not a joke!

I think the smell of a place is important. Maybe this sense is well developed with me. At Huysers, a large bookstore, it works very well. I get the feeling I want to read instantly. So when I leave the store I have too many books in my bag. Most of them end up on the ‘read during holidays’ stack. As reading with two kids at home is a luxury I can hardly afford myself.

Huyser is an attractive bookstore. It is light, very well categorized and they have a lot of books so you won’t be finishing your visit with the sentence: we will order it for you… If you want to buy something, you want it now!

They have a large assortment of children’s books (Dutch) but also quite a lot of English books.

You can also place an order in their webshop. Than you are sure you get the right book in time. You can pick them up in the store. I did it once, it worked well.

Hopefully this bookstore will survive the economic crisis in the book sector. I think they will!

Boekhandel Huyser / Choorstraat 1 / +31(0)15 2123820