On my page about the Blog you can read that I started this Blog in Café/Place to eat (Brasserie) Huszár.

I had lunch in an inspiring ambiance of wooden closets at the wall behind the bar. Some beautiful flowers and a nice view on the water, ‘De Kolk’. That is the place were Vermeer painted his famous painting ‘gezicht op Delft’. (View on Delft)

Huszár is situated in a building called Bacinol 2, a building where artists, creative people have their residence. It is on the ground floor. It is a former factory.

The food I had was very good. The products they use are mostly fair trade or come from local suppliers. If you can’t finish your meal, they will wrap it for you, I know that in some countries this is common but for the Dutch it isn’t! They don’t want to waste food.

Huszár has a variety of Dutch special beers from micro breweries if you like! The Wifi works very well and the café is an open and bright place.

A good place to visit. Also when you are with a small group.

I must go back, it is worth it!


Café/brasserie Huszár / Hooikade 13 / +31(0)15 262 65 62