station delft

It is very easy to go to Delft. If you go by plane, you can choose to fly to Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) or to Rotterdam-The Hague airport.

From Schiphol

From Schiphol it will take 45 minutes by train to arrive in Delft. It  has 2 train stations, Delft Central, and Delft Zuid (South). Your hotel will probably be in the center, so take the first station. In one hour there are 5 trains leaving for Delft. Some of them are direct trains, with the others you need to change trains in Leiden.

You can plan you trip easily at the website of the NS (national railway) A one way ticket (2nd class) costs 9,50 Euros. You can also take taxi from the airport, you will approximately pay 60 Euro’s.

From Rotterdam-The Hague airport

You can also fly to Rotterdam-The Hague airport. It is not far from Delft but is more complicated to get to Delft from it. A taxi will be the best option. It will cost you probably 35 Euro’s. A taxi in Holland is expensive. To calculate the price use their handy website!

If you come from another place, the train is always a good option.

If you come by car it is also very easy to reach Delft. Delft is situated at het Highway A13, take the exit Delft.

If you come from the Hague, you can take a tram, tram 1 is going to Delft.

Have a save journey!