A Hofje is courtyard or a garden surrounded by small houses. It seems that there are four Hofjes left in Delft. I only know the Hofje van Pauw, but I will look for the other ones soon. Hofjes are nice places to visit. It is quiet and it breathes an atmosphere of serenity.

Hofje van Pauw is beautiful because the garden in it is symmetric and the houses are looked after very well. I read that that was not always like that. The houses were built in 1707, they were almshouses. After Elisabeth Pauw, daughter of one of the burgomasters of Delft, died, the Hofje was built for poor women, from her legacy. Now mentally disabled people live in this Hofje with their caregivers.

The entrance of the Hofje is at the Paardenmarkt, a car parking area. If you have enjoyed it, you can walk left from the Hofje, at the end you see the houseboats lying in the canal at the Kantoorgracht. Maybe that is an interesting spot too…


Hofje van Pauw / Paardenmarkt 54-62