Yesterday we wanted to have lunch in Delft. Normally we do not plan this, we just decide in Delft what to do. But since my son got diagnosed with coeliac disease two weeks ago it is different now. Coeliac disease means that he cannot have gluten in his food any longer.

When I just started this blog I went to Hills & Mills at the Oude Langendijk. I had a cappucino there but did not try their food yet. Now I had a good reason to go back as I remembered that the girl I spoke with, told me that they can help you with any dietary wishes or allergy you might have.

Gluten free

So we went there and we had a terrific meal. My son chose the burger from the menu, he got papadums instead of the naan bread. Het could also choose rice or quinoa. Unfortunately it seemed that the burger was too spicy for him…I tried it too and indeed it was quit spicy! So he got a quinoa salad with nuts and fruit from the house. That was very good, but he still has to get used to substitutes for bread. They do not have gluten free bread (yet :-) ) on their menu.

My husband and I took the chicken salad, it was very good. My daughter was happy with her toast and jam.

Hills & Mills is indeed a good choice if you have a special diet, but also if you don’t.

Hills&Mills / Oude Langendijk 6 / +31(0)15 212 39 30