Having lunch with kids is fun, well, if they behave ok, it is. But if you have to wait too long, hungry kids can be annoying…Since a few months Delft has a good place for families to go for lunch, it is called: Happy Tosti.

Social enterprise
It is situated at the Voldersgracht in a building where there have been eateries before. They did not make it. This time I think the place will be successful. It looks good, it is not too expensive, it does not take hours to get your food and everybody likes a tosti, right? Besides that, Happy tosti is also a social enterprise. They include people with disabilities and give them extra help so they can work for the tosti company. A good story!

Inside the place there are swings and my kids love them. What I like about the place is its interior, you must see the Vermeer girl having a tosti! painted on a wall and I adore all the yellow accents. There is also a variety of Tosti’s on the menu (I even had a spicy one last time…) and my gluten free son can eat here! They have glutenfree bread and know how to prepare a tosti without cross contamination!

So you must have noticed: I am very happy with Happy Tosti in Delft!

Happy Tosti


 Voldersgracht 4a