I never thought I would be feeling at home in a gym, but here I do! I am talking about the Active Health Center (AHC) Ypenburg. It’s located at the second floor in a building with offices and the Kids Playground, I wrote about that place in another post.

It is nice there.

Why? Well because it does not match my stereotype idea about a gym with only beautiful people with perfect (tanned) bodies and shapes in high fashion sportswear. I know that your own uncertainties are reflected in prejudices… 🙂

It is a gym for normal people with normal bodies, for body-builders, sun-ray treatment looking ladies, old ladies, young ones etc. For everyone!

For all these people they offer a variety of workouts. You can just have a workout in the gym, or a guided work out with one of the instructors. There are also spinning classes, XCO (my favorite) workouts, Club Power, Pilates etc. They do outdoor sports like boot camp and running. They even have workouts for children. Their scheme is on their website.

I have my son doing sports there too, he attends his judo class every Wednesday. He likes it there just like I do.

When you are looking for a (new) gym, you should try this one.

Active Health Center Ypenburg / Kleveringweg 33 / +31(0)152561010