Delft Guide

Well, let me tell you a short story about Delft.

Delft is situated in the West part of Holland, in the province called Zuid-Holland. It is very close to two bigger cities The Hague and Rotterdam. It takes 45 minutes to travel from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol) to Delft. Delft comes from the Dutch verbe ‘delven’, which means to dig. The oldest canal is De Oude Delft (the old Delft). Later on more canals were dug. These canals are called ‘grachten’ in Dutch.

I will not tell you much about the history of the city. The tourist information site provides a lot of information about it. I want to explain why it is worth the time and money to visit Delft.

It is interesting because of the following historical facts:

– the Dutch East India Company was founded in Delft. It was one of the largest trading companies in the world about 400 years ago. It has left its marks in the city.

– It is well known because of its Delftware. (Delft Blue ceramics)

– It  is connected to the Dutch royal family. Their family grave is in the Nieuwe Kerk (new church).

– And we all know Delft because of the famous painter Johannes Vermeer who was born in Delft and painted his masterpieces there.

Added value

The canals, bridges, different gables (traditional architecture), little alleys, beautiful churches, a nice town hall etc. give you a real  unspoiled Dutch feeling. You can do almost everything on foot. And Delft has a lot of little restaurants, coffee spots, nice shops which are added value to you visit. It seems that Delft has one of the liveliest and vital city centers compared to other Dutch cities.


When you want to spent some time in Holland, Delft is a great base for exploring other cities in the Netherlands. Public transport is very well organized and there is a train station in Delft. You can visit The Hague by tramway, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht by train.


Delft does not have an interesting (modern) art museum or interesting art galleries, therefore you need to go to Rotterdam or Amsterdam. And like I said, you can travel by train very easily. If you are interested in modern art or architecture, Rotterdam is the best place to visit. Only 10 minutes by train from Delft.

You can find more information about travelling to Delft on the ‘How to get to…’ page