…but the best moment to visit this great square is when it is empty and the sun is shining!

The beautiful Nieuwe Kerk (New church) and the Stadhuis (town hall) are at the opposite of each other at the square. Take your time to look at them. The town hall dates back from the 13th century. At the back of it is the old prison I wrote about before. (Het steen)

There are terraces at the Market square (it is called Grote Markt), it think that they are not very special, but good for a drink after strolling around in Delft. You can watch people go by, maybe you see a Dutch wedding at the town hall or you can enjoy the fact that you are sitting on a historic square.

If you feel like having an ice cream, try Otelli. That is where I go when I want to sit at the square. In the afternoon there is no sun at their terrace. That is a pity.

You can’t miss Market square in Delft. Most of the time there is something going on there. On Thursday it is market day and the square is very busy. In the weekends, mainly in summer there are all kinds of festivals at the square. I prefer being there before noon, when it is still quiet and you can enjoy the atmosphere at it’s best.


Grote Markt