I am still in my ‘gluten free’ state of mind, I’d like to add two great places for celiac patients. Not in Delft but nearby in its surroundings, in a village called Nootdorp. Like I said in the post about the Welsh Bakestone, I do not mind travelling if my son gets a save gluten free meal. You get to see different places would not have encountered, if you’d only stay next to your hotel.

Nootdorp is a place next to the highway A12 and by bike 20 minutes from Delft center. Only 10 minutes by car.



The first is a pancake restaurant ‘Howdy’s’.

To be honest, first I thought it is rather sad to have dinner in a pancake restaurant if you do not have children. Every now and then my husband and kids go there to dine. My kids love it. When I see a couple sitting there I think why… J But someone told me once that she and her fiancé went there regularly because it is a cheap way to have a fast and good meal on their way home (it is next to the highway exit) so for them it is very convenient to eat there. That changed my point of view, I am never too old to learn!

Indeed the pancakes are good, there are many options, not only the sweet ones with sugar or syrup. But also spectacular toppings and fillings like chicken sate, kebab, mushrooms and mozzarella. I often talk about pizza instead of pancakes.

When my son got diagnosed I thought it would be the end of the fun we had there, but then I read that they served gluten free pancakes. They have a special menu for people with special diets. It makes it very clear what you can choose or not.

My son mainly eats a traditional Dutch pancake with syrup or sugar. He gets his syrup is a special cup. They even had gluten free treats when it was ‘Sinterklaas’ and all the children got extra sweets. That was so nice of them. They know what they are doing concerning gluten free pancakes!

So it good suggestion to go there. Also for non-celiacs and adults


Gelateria L’Arcobaleno

Although my favorite gelateria is in Delft, De Lelie, also with gluten free options. We had this problem not so long ago that that one was closed on Sunday and we promised our kids an ice cream after being good the whole afternoon…

Then I thought, lets ride to Nootdorp to get an ice cream. So 20 minutes later, my husband and I arrived there and we all could enjoy it.

It is clear from the signs if the flavor is gluten free or not. And you can choose a cup or a gluten free cornet. They first take a clean spoon, and put away the first layer of ice cream and then they make a scoop for you.

After you went there you can have a stroll, the gelateria is in the old ‘center’ of the village. You get an impression of a Dutch village.


Howdy’s / Gildeweg 2 / Nootdorp / +31(0)15 310 10 03


L’arcobaleno / Dorpstraat 4 / Nootdorp / +31(0)15 3101818