When I was a student I used to work part of the year in Dordrecht’s most famous Gelateria: La Venezia! I did that for about 5 years from March till September. The owners lived in Italy during the winter months in a village near Venice.

Maybe that is why I love Venice so much, that every 2 years my husband and I visit La Biennale di Venezia for contemporary art in Venice. Watching impressive art in an impressive environment and eating impressive ice creams at Gelateria Nico.

Most of the time it is only a 3 nights visit so the other part of the year I am looking for good ice creams in my own neighborhood. Thanks to this blog, I found one nearby: De Lelie. I wrote about it before in my search for a chocolate Easter egg for my father.

Since then every week I passed by, alone, with the whole family or with my daughter to enjoy an ice cream. I think I tried all their flavors up to now. Their flavors are good, I have my favorites but the most important thing about a good ice cream in my opinion is a good texture. It has to be smooth and not too creamy. I think De Lelie is a good substitute for my favorite Nico’s in Venice.

Do not let the queue in front of de Lelie scare you off. They work fast and you can use the waiting time to choose your flavors, cups or scones. The waitress will appreciate that 😉

Gluten free

I was delighted to discover that the de Lelie ice cream flavors are mainly gluten free. You can see it on their sign outside. They use a different spoon to scoop your gluten free ice cream. They do not remove the first layer of the ice cream by themselves but they do, if you ask them (like I did). This is to avoid cross contamination. You get your ice cream in a cup.

It worked great for my son!

Chocolaterie/Gelateria De Lelie / Voorstraat 10 / +31(0)152120363 (not open on Sunday’s)