Once I was in a place where I could order a ‘Funny’ for a drink. This is not that place.

At Funny’s you can buy all kinds of ‘funny stuff’…

I did not know this store, I cycled through Delft when I saw this playground I had never seen before. After taking a picture of it, I could not miss the colorful things outside something like a warehouse. I got interested so I checked it out. It seems to be a place full of party articles like, garlands, wigs, special costumes, balloons etc. I asked the lady if they moved in recently. They did not, it seems that it is has been here for 6 years already.

I prefer more stylish costumes and decorations, but sometimes you just need that item for a theme party you cannot find anywhere. I am sure they will sell it here than.

I keep this place in mind for my sons next birthday party with it’s crime scene investigation theme. Or for myself and my husband when we visit the schoolparty for parents at our kids’ elementary school. Than you always have to get dressed like someone from the eighties or seventies :/ ( I never understand why)


As it concerns to the playground: you cannot miss it on your way to Funny’s. It is not very spectacular but the kids would like it. It had a slide, a climbing rack and a small place to play football or so. This summer I’ll bring my kids to test it!

Playground Yperstraat

Funny’s / Oosteinde 141 / +31(15)2132913