Delft has a little fruit house, in Dutch: het Fruithuisje (I love that name). It is a small shop in the Choorstraat. Their fruit stand outside always looks very pretty. You actually can’t pass by without noticing it.

They also sell vegetables, olives, homemade salads, desserts etc. When I entered the shop for the first time, it was love at first sight. I asked for the potato ‘Eigenheimer’ I needed it to make a soup. The guy inside told me he did not sell these tasteless ordinary potatoes, he recommended me to use another type. I was surprised but I like that, he only sells tasteful food which is worth cooking. And he is right!

The fruit is really very good. I love to buy the big blue berries for my daughter there. She eats them like chocolate!

The shop is small, it can be crowded but their service is good and friendly and they have a lot to choose from. I cannot be in the Choorstraat without looking at their attractive fruit and most of the time I buy some.


Het Fruithuisje / Choorstraat 27 / +31(0)612546381