I have been thinking about writing about food and Delft for some time. It started when I visited the foodfestival at the pittoresque Rietveld theater a few weeks ago. I realized that there are quite a lot foodies in Delft who are interested in organic and local produced food. I attended the workshop ‘Green smoothies’. I did not try it at home yet. Maybe that is because I cannot forget the taste of the soggy cashew nuts we tried during the workshop…Anyway, there is something with Delft and food.

I wrote about the Delftse Mederij in my post about the Biesland days. But I did not yet mention the eggs from the buurt kippenhok (local hen house) who also sell their eggs at the local market. It belongs to Firma van Buiten. a place with different food and social activities.

I should not forget to mention the Kistje vol Smaak. (tasteful crate) full of local grown vegetables and the eggs of the buurtkippenhok. They deliver the crate in Delft in a special carrier cycle. That looks very nice and local!

I notice that many you people invest in these small initiatives. It looks like a trend, maybe not only in Delft, to be more aware about the food you eat and the origin of it. I like that.


Kistje vol smaak




Ps. Unfortunately the local and regional market on Thursday behind the Old Church does no longer exist. Maybe something else will replace this event. Some shop owners around the Old Church are making plans. I heard them talking about ‘Fair Food’ neighborhood, when I know more, I’ll keep you posted!