I had a great exploration week last week. The weather was good and I had lots of ‘to do’ places in Delft. I was ashamed that I never went to the Oostpoort (East Gate) of Delft before. I saw the picture of it appearing in all kinds of promotion material about Delft. At first I did not even realize it was in Delft!

It is worth to visit. In the morning the light on it is very beautiful. You can sit at the opposite of it to enjoy the view. It gives you the feeling of living a few hundred years ago. I read that is was built in 1400. It is the only historical gate left in Delft. My daughter was impressed by the guard above the gate :-) Next to it there is a part of the former town-wall.

It looks like it is someone’s house now.

There is another thing next to the gate which surprised me. There is a bridge, the Oostpoort bridge, left from the gate. That one does not function like a bridge actually. It opens like a door to the left. So it does not raise. I thought that was fun to watch too.