I am not a big fan of amusement parks, actually, I try to avoid them for my children… But sometimes you can’t or you learn that if you try something you think you don’t like, it turns out better than expected. I had this experience with the amusement park called Duinrell, only half an hour from Delft by car situated in a place called Wassenaar.

I went there the first time with my son’s primary school 1,5 years ago. In the meantime, I have been there 3 times after that visit. Last time was this weekend when we had great sunny autumn weather. The park looked fabulous with all these autumn colors in the trees. For me it was the best visit of all of them.

Family park

The park is not too big and in one day, you can experience many attractions. I went there in summer, last May and like I wrote, last weekend. In summer the weather can be good and the park is a bit crowded. You can also spent a few days at the camping or in a bungalow at the park, so there are many people on holiday in the park itself. There are mainly families who visit the park.

In spring many schools plan their day out with the whole school, so it is possible to be in between all the pupils of different primary schools. (like I did with my son’s school). Last May we were there with the family and we did not like all these uncontrolled groups of children around us.

Last weekend, there were mainly families, it was busy but it was not too crowded, you hardly had to wait at the different attractions.

My children are 4 and 6 years old, and there are many things to do for them, there is even a roller coaster for the little ones. My children like that one and there is a large playground in the middle of the park and a places where there is special entertainment for the smaller children. There even is a small indoor playground.

But the park is also suitable for older children up to teenagers. They mainly like the Tiki bad (indoor swimmingpool). You can buy tickets which in or exclude this swimming pool.

The atmosphere is ok for an amusement park, it is a park with a lot of trees sometimes it feels like a normal park (if you can ignore the attractions).


You can eat and drink at the park, there are Dutch ‘poffertjes’ (little pancakes), pancakes or fries. I would not recommend the La place restaurant near the playground, it was crowded, expensive and the food did not taste good at all.

For our family Duinrell is a nice place for a day or half a day out. You can buy tickets at the park itself but it is worthwhile to look for special offers the park normally has.


Duinrell /Duinrell 1 / Wassenaar / +310)70 5155 255