Last weekend we had dinner in Delft. We decided to visit a restaurant in the suburbs of Delft in Tanthof. A place you will never visit unless you live there or know someone there. I think it is more than 20 minutes by bike from the city center.

But I knew a restaurant which was very good a few years ago and I still know people who like it there so, we thought let’s give it a try. It is called Casa del Sol, a Spanish / Portuguese restaurant in a shopping mall with mainly supermarkets nearby.

We both had a great time and dinner was delicious. We took tapas as a starter, you can eat tapas the whole evening but we decided to choose a main course. I had a Portuguese stew and my husband took a rib-eye.

The restaurant is small. And the atmosphere is sort of ‘cozy’ and low profile. You might think while visiting the restaurant, is this where I am supposed to be? But… the food is amazing. It was crowded that evening so I was happy I made a reservation. It seems to be crowded often.

Although this restaurant is far from Market square and far from trendy Delft, it is really worth a visit.

Two remarks if you want to try it yourself:

         if you want to have a drink after dinner, there is no place to go nearby.

        and If you ask me: skip desert.



Casa del Sol

Dasstraat 34