My favorite place to take a break is the Doelenplein.

Just outside of the most popular part of the city, you can find a small square with a good ambiance.

It is surrounded by a popular Hotel: De Plataan, art cinema: Lumen and bar/café with a French touch: Lef. You can sit at the terrace of the café but there are also a few public ‘chairs’ in the center of the square. The plane tree at the square seems to be an X-factor tree. A few years ago it won an X-factor contest for trees in Delft.

The tree filters the sunlight in a special way. It gives the square a Mediterranean feeling. You can imagine yourself simply in Italy.

The large table lamp, at the square is an artwork of the Chinese artist Wan Li Ya. It is called: A national treasure.

Wan Li Yais a well-known ceramist. The municipality has purchased this lamp to emphasize the fact that Delft is a city of ceramics. It also refers to the historic relation between Delft Blue ceramics and Chinese porcelain.

Take a seat!