If you know me, you know that I like good food and I don’t like preparing this myself 😊 Maybe you have the same problem too? So when the Deliveroo guys asked me to try out their services I did not hesitate for a second!

Deliveroo delivers meals at home and these meals come from some really nice restaurants in Delft. There is quiet a range of restaurants to choose from. On a Friday evening there were about 15 restaurants. For me it was not difficult to pick one. When we have dinner as a family we need to have at least one gluten free meal. And because of the cross contamination I always decide to have a gluten free meal for all of us.

And even than! you can order some good food with Deliveroo.

We had our dinner from The living. A nice take a way in town with 100% organic and vegetarian food. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you order with Deliveroo you can only order their dinner. Their menu is very clear, they have always gluten-free options but also diary free and sugar free food. In their take-away you can use their self-service buffet and the prices are based on weight. You pay for what you eat. That is a good base to start from because there is hardly any waste.

If you order with Deliveroo you can choose the size of  your meal. For us adults I took the large dinner and for the kids the smallest option. I had the menu of The Living in front of me so I could see immediately if the dishes were gluten free or not. That worked great. I chose my preferred delivery time and the order took me about 5 minutes. Mainly because I had to be sure that I ordered the right gluten-free options.

I got my food right on time. A nice guy (student) delivered the food with care. He came to me by bike. The delivery service only works with bicycles. That is a more sustainable way to deliver food instead of using a scooter.

We all enjoyed our food and the fact that we did not have to prepare and fetch it ourselves made it even better!

So when you live in Delft or stay in a hotel, have your meal delivered at your place with Deliveroo. There are a lot of (popular) restaurants to choose from and it saves a lot of time!


www.deliveroo.nl (also in English)