Spending time in the Delftse hout is a favorite leisure activity if you live in Delft, there are many things to do and you can easily spent a day out there.

On this blog I described already some places located in the Delftse Hout. This recreational/natural area is located at the east part of Delft. It is really a great place to visit. So I want to tell more about it. I just got a map of the area from the TIP (Tourist Information Point) at the Market square. They told me there is only one map of the area. It looks a bit simple but it is helpful.

There are many activities in the Delftse Hout: eating/drinking, environmental activities, sleeping, sports and recreational activities and activities for children.

There is a large natural pool (Grote Plas) in the center of the Delftse Hout. You can swim there and have fun at the little beach next to it. If you hire a water bike or boat from Knus, you can get to it by water. There is also a windsurfing society at the waterfront. A nice place to have a pic nic is the recreational field in between Knus and the Grote Plas. But there are also other small areas to have a pic nic. Just look around and make yourself comfortable somewhere 🙂

The petting zoo is at the edge of the Delftse Hout.

In the Delftse Hout itself are all kinds of animals. Mainly birds. There are owls (I have never seem them), woodpeckers (I see these regularly, green woodpeckers and the colored ones), spoonbills, pheasants (so many that I do not look up any longer to see them), storks, swans and all kinds of geese.

There are also deer, they live in a small deer-park. You can feed them, but at the end of the day they are not very interested in your food 🙂

You should get the map before you visit the Delftse Hout for detailed information. I can only say, if you stay in Delft for some time and you want a relaxing break out of the city, go there!

You can get at the Delftse Hout by bus no 80-82 (to Ikea) or bus 60-62 (to Ypenburg) If you come by car you can park at different places indicated with P1 – P7. Of course a taxi is also a possibility if you do not have a car. You can also rent a bike to get there. This is the easiest way to get around!

Delftse Hout / natural-recreational area