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Travelling is fun, I want that people with a gluten free diet can have fun to in Delft without being concerned the whole day about what and where to eat without getting sick. That is why I started this section on my blog. And of course, because of a personal story…

Since October’14 we know that our son has to live a gluten-free life. He is diagnosed with celiac disease. This means that he cannot eat gluten. Gluten are the ‘glue’ in all kinds of food and products. He cannot eat flours or grains of wheat, rye, barley and oats. This is why in some blogposts I mention specifically if a place is suitable if you have a gluten-free diet. I deal with it daily.

Since my son got diagnosed we travelled to different places in the world. Travelling with this disease is possible, even to Japan!, but it takes more time to prepare a trip. I found local facebook groups, or other blogs very useful. I hope my story about gluten free Delft is useful for you too and that it makes your gluten free life more easy 🙂

If you understand Dutch, read my Dutch article about gluten free restaurants in Delft here (part one) . Here you can find part two! 

The Netherlands

If you travel to the Netherlands I want to help you around a little bit with this page. When we travelled to Asia I took a copy with me of a celiac restaurant card in Chinese, English and Japanese. It helped us in some cases when we did not understand what ingredients were in the food. You can download a restaurant card in Dutch here.

Celiac diseas is called ‘coeliakie’ in Dutch. But don’t bother trying pronouncing it right because most people in the Netherlands have heard of gluten intolerance but not of coeliakie. If you want to ask for gluten free food, ask for ‘gluten vrij’ food.

List of ingredients

All products in Dutch supermarkets have a list of ingredients at the backside. If it is not in English or your language, ask a Dutch person to check it with the restaurant card. We did this in Japan, it worked very well, there is always a friendly person who will help. Sometimes the forbidden ingredients are not in the product but there is a note which says that the food has been produced in a factory where they also work with flour which contains gluten. Most of the time producers will mention this so they’re not responsible for the consequences of consuming the food. It is up to you if you try the product yes or no.



Since December’14 restaurants in the Netherlands have to inform you if there are any allergens in the food they offer. This is very helpful. But be aware that ‘normal’ restaurants can offer gluten-free food and tell you all about it, but in the kitchen the food can get cross contaminated if they do not follow the right procedure to prepare gluten free food. This is a ‘risk’ you have to take.



If you are able to prepare food yourself, you won’t have a problem to get good gluten-free food in the Netherlands. Most of the popular supermarkets have a range of gluten free products for a reasonable price. I get my gluten free groceries mainly from the Albert Heijn (AH) or the Jumbo supermarket.  I’ll tell you more about them.

Depending on the size of the AH supermarket they have a small or large shelf with gluten-free products. But many products in the supermarket itself are also gluten free. Just check the back side.

Since my son got diagnosed we did not change our eating patterns much. Sometimes I had to change the brand of a product. But I do take specific items like, gluten free bread, pasta,brownies, cookies, croissants etc. from the gluten free shelf. The best gluten free bread (we Dutch eat a lot of bread) is from ‘Genius’ or ‘Yam’ The AH only sells the Genius bread. I heard some people who are very sensitive, can have problems with the Genius bread, but for 90% of the people it is a relief that it exists. For my son too!

I normally buy the ‘drie zaden’ (three seeds) bread. It is not on the gluten free shelf but in between the normal bread…packed in a plastic bag.

The AH has its own gluten free logo on their own products. But not on every product of their own brand yet. It is helpful. It is not the official logo from the celiac federation as the AH does not work with gluten free certified producers or something like that. I do not know the exact story.



AH in the Choorstraat

On my way home I often check if there is some Genius bread left. It is almost 4,00 Euro for 12 slices. But hey, it makes my son happy and I do not have to bake it myself! Most of the time they have it, if not, ask, sometimes they still have to unpack some boxes. Always check the expiring date.

The gluten free shelf in this shop is quiet small. But like I said, many ‘normal’ products are gluten free and the AH gluten free logo helps a lot. This shelf is next to the pharmacy products, it’s a little bit hidden in the shop.

Our favorites: AH gluten free pasta’s, products from the brand Free From, brownies from Damhert.

If your hotel does not offer a gluten free breakfast, I can recommend the muesli’s from Free from, most hotels do have something like yogurt and fruits in the morning. Mix it with the muesli, it’s a good begin of a day in Delft!


AH Brabantse Turfmarkt

Almost the same story as the AH in the Choorstraat. You can find the shelf just behind the cashiers.


Jumbo supermarket at Zuidpoort

At the mainstream shopping area (as I call it) Zuidpoort, you can find a large Jumbo supermarket. It does have gluten free products, but not much. At the Jumbo you must be careful buying your meat. They use gluten in them often. There is a shelf with glutenfree products in te store. Not large, but they have, crackers, bread, cookies and so on.


Thursday market

Bakkerij het Stoepje (Bakkery)

When I am in Delft on Thursday’s I always check the assortment of Bakery het Stoepje. You will not miss them because they have this bright yellow banners on their stand and they scream: Het Stoepje to you…ignore this, the people behind the stand are very friendly and helpful if you tell them you need gluten-free stuff.

It is not cheap but it is good! The chocolate muffins are my sons favorite, the pre packed bread is also good, just like the pink cakes (roze koeken) and small scones with nuts.

I find the pre packed ‘normal’ cookies a bit dry, but try it yourself.

Eko Plaza

The Eko Plaza is an eco-supermarket with a range of glutenfree producst. The gluten free prodcuts are clustered but when you look close, there are more gluten free products spread around the store. I also saw biological products on the gluten free shelf, check the gluten free signs, and when in doubt, ask.


Albert Hein, Choorstraat 35

Albert Hein, Brabantse Turfmarkt 33-43

Eko Plaza, Vrouw Juttenland 33-35


Read the page about gluten free restaurants and other places in Delft.