I love chocolate, just like my father! Why starting a post about my father? Well, his birthday is during Easter so every year I buy him a chocolate Easter egg filled with small (chocolate) eggs. He loves it and I like to look for a very nice egg for him.

This year I asked for advice where to buy the best egg in town. The answer was, at chocolate shop ‘De Lelie’.

It smells like….chocolate if you enter the small shop. At the left side from the counter you can see the chocolate ’factory’. All chocolates are home made and fair trade.

There were plenty of eggs to choose, I chose  a sliced egg filled with many little ones. I also bought a few small eggs to try myself. I must admit, it tastes very good! I should avoid this shop next time I am in Delft 😉

But I will allow myself an ice cream from time to time at the ‘Gelateria’ in front of the shop. And I will try some of their recipes from their website.


Chocolaterie/Gelateria De Lelie / Voorstraat 10 / +31(0)152120363