During my studies as a graphic designer, I had to choose an add which I could improve. I read the Delft Magazine, and my eye was caught by an add of ‘De Candelaer’. I did not know the place so I thought, let’s have a look inside.

De Candelaer is one of the three Delftware factories in Delft. While I was there one of the owners was painting a giant vase in different colors. She was very friendly and she told me that every factory has it’s own Delft blue color. I thought there was a Delft blue standard…they also have their secret recipe for the other colors they use.

There is no standard for the designs aswell. Each factory uses it’s own designs which are inspired by Chinese porcelain. So you mainly see birds, peacocks and flowers. Factories make authentic Delftware if they make everything themselves. From the clay they use till the paint.

I learned that afternoon a lot and I got inspiration to redesign their add. I am almost done!

By the way other factories of Delftware are De Porceleyne fles and de Delftse Pauw. I visited De Porceleyne fles already. Now I am planning a trip to the Delftse Pauw.

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