This year it is the third year that I visit the art festival “De betovering” (the enchantment) with my children. It takes place during the autumn holidays, the 3rd week of October.

It is located in different museums, theaters in the immediate surroundings of Delft, but most of it, is in The Hague. It is quite a big festival with more than 300 activities like, plays, films, workshops etc. My son loves to go to the theater and as we normally do not travel during the autumn break, it is a great opportunity for my children to get to know all kinds of art. The prices are reduced during this week, that is a fortuitous coincidence.

I chose four activities for this week, we did already two of them. We saw two very nice plays. Next Thursday my children will be having a workshop: making sea animals. And Friday we will end the week with a show in the Spui theater. The festival ends this year Sunday 26 October.

It is a popular festival, they have a website with their program but my children also get the program at school. It is accessible, you can easily find a performance which is suitable for your children. If you really want to see or do something, make a reservation in advance, many activities are fully booked on the day itself.

There is only one thing: most performances are in Dutch…but some are without spoken words or in English!


De Betovering / different locations in and around The Hague / immediate surroundings of Delft