I normally don’t but it was my husband’s turn to choose a restaurant. So I said ‘yes’ to fish restaurant ‘t Crabbetje in Delft. (the small crab)

We did not take an extended look at the menu, we immediately decided to take the two person tasting menu. My faith was in the chefs’ hands. That was a very good decision. The starter was exquisite. We had a variety of all kinds of fish all prepared differently. Shrimps, tuna, Dutch shrimps, carpaccio, mackerel…

We got two different fish filets as a main course and I had the sweet dessert and my husband choose the cheese platter.

But it was not only the fish which was very good. I felt like having red wine the whole evening (yes that is possible in a fish restaurant) but my husband got very good accompanying wines with the dishes. I tried them all too!

With the dessert we had the dessert wine tasting. We got 4 little glasses filled with different liquids. We would not have to pay the bill if we guessed all the dessert wines. We tried but failed! Despite that, they tasted great and the restaurant is affordable 😉

‘t Crabbetje is a fish restaurant, but also a restaurant where they know a lot about the wines they serve. I had a nice evening with great food.

If you think you don’t fancy fish, ‘t Crabbetje will change your mind!

ps they also serve fresh lobster from a tank, that is spectacular!

Brasserie ‘t Crabbetje / Verwersdijk 14  015-2138850