The best early morning sun is the one you can get at espressobar Cortado at the corner of the Burgwal next to the Beestenmarkt. It is quite a new place in town where they serve very good coffee and homemade cakes and cookies. Apart from their sunny terrace in the morning I also like their modest way of acting in town. Some places scream out loud that they are thé hot spot in town or that their coffee is the best tested by all kinds of newspapers…Cortado just serves good coffee in a great ambiance.

When the weather is Dutch (I mean on a rainy day) you can have a nice seat inside. There is enough space and if you like to work you can set yourself at the large table at the back. When with friends you can take a seat at the couch corner. Everyone will find its place to enjoy the black gold.

They open early so, I can recommend their breakfast too.

When you are in Delft and you feel like a break, take a seat and enjoy!


Burgwal 30